Nokia Lumia Tips and Tricks

How to silence a received call

A: Press the volume key when the phone is ringing. The call will be silenced without rejection.

How to open the camera in locked mode

A: Just hold the camera key for few moments. The app will start even if the phone is locked.

How to get a scientific calculator on Nokia Lumia

When you are using the normal calculator, rotate the phone to landscape mode and you'll enable the scientific calculator.

How to add additional keyboard layouts for different languages

Go to Settings > Keyboard > Typing settings > Press to change. In the following window remove the tick from "Correct misspelt words".

How to access "to do" or "shopping list" on Nokia Lumia 800

No need to install additional apps. Just open Office and go to "notes". Start a new note by pressing "+". Label it and pin it to homescreen.

How to extend battery life on Nokia Lumia

Go to Settings and play with "find my phone" options. This will extend battery life.

How to fix internet issues on Nokia Lumia 800

If you experience internet connecting issues via mobile data you need to download Nokia's network setup application from marketplace.

The phone does not restart

Connect Nokia Lumia to the PC via USB. It will start faster

Nokia Lumia 800 firmware update

Nokia has released the second firmware update for the Nokia Lumia 800. This update brings improvements in terms of battery life, which was a problem at Lumia 800 phones, improves WiFi connectivity, improvements to notifications for voicemails, improves sound quality, improves mails reply for Microsoft Exchange 2003, resolve the issue after calls (in brighter conditions).

The Nokia Lumia 800 firmware update will be released at different times, depending on the country. Your phone will notify you if the update is available. To install the update, connect your Lumia 800 to your computer and start Zune to implement the upgrade.
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